Kalina plant enters service

Exergy Inc., a leading-edge energy technology company based in Hayward, Calif., USA, is celebrating the completion of the world`s first ever Kalina combined-cycle power plant. The Kalina Cycle is a technology providing higher power plant efficiency, lower generation costs and reduced emissions compared to the 150-year-old Rankine Cycle that is the industry standard today. The Kalina Cycle was invented by Dr. Alexander Kalina, a Russian emigre scientist who serves as Exergy`s president and CEO.

Exergy`s Kalina combined-cycle power plant is located at the US Department of Energy`s Energy Technology and Engineering Center near Canoga Park, Calif. The 6.5 MW plant demonstrates the efficiency of the new technology.

Since 1992, Exergy`s Kalina Bottoming Cycle demonstration power plant has been selling electric power to Southern California Edison, US. Late last year, Exergy added a topping cycle making the facility the first fully independent Kalina Cycle plant.

“The Canoga Park plant takes Kalina Cycle technology from idea to performance,” said Kalina. “The power generation industry has been looking for opportunities to boost efficiency and lower costs while trying to meet more stringent environmental regulations. The Kalina Cycle meets those needs.”

Exergy, with its licensing partner Ebara, recently announced the construction of a Kalina Cycle waste incineration power plant in Fukuoka, Japan.