Japan develops coal-waste gasification technology

A Japanese team at the Tokyo Institute of Technology has developed what is claimed to be a new gasification system for all kinds of solid fuel from waste to coal. Called the MEET (Multi-staged Enthalpy Extraction Technology) system, it is an innovative extension of the high temperature air combustion technology which was recently commercialized as a Japanese national project.

There are claimed to be a number of advantages of the system, many of which are the result of the use of high temperature air for gasification instead of oxygen.

The Japanese R&D team has successfully demonstrated the operation of a new fixed bed slagging type gasifier which uses air at a temperature of 1000!C generated by a newly developed compact air preheater. Low NOx combustion in a high temperature air combustion boiler with augmented heat transfer performance in a bench scale test facility has also been demonstrated. A complete demonstration plant with a capacity of 4 t/day is scheduled for completion by the beginning of 2000.

US company International Environmental and Consultants is providing the consultancy arrangement to help promote the project. Taiwan Power Company and Industrial Technology Research Institute in Taiwan have expressed their interest in the technology. India`s National Thermal Power Corp. and Bharat Heavy Electricals Ltd have also shown interest.

MEET will be developed using Indian coals.