TEHRAN, Iran, Oct. 22, 2000 (Tehran Times)—Russian Minister of Property Relations Farit Gazizullin and Iran’s Oil Minister Bijan Namdar Zangeneh in Moscow on Wednesday signed a memorandum on cooperation in power generation and industry, Gazizulin told reporters after the third meeting of the permanent Commission for Russian-Iranian Trade and Economic Cooperation.

The minister noted that the memorandum gives much importance to cooperation in the oil and gas industries, to joint manufacture of TU-334 jetliners as well as to construction of energy projects in Iran.

A source at the Russian delegation told reporters that the memorandum provides for construction of three fuel power plants, two of which are under construction, and the third one is at the designing stage, IRNA reported from Moscow.

According to the source, the memorandum also sets no preliminary conditions for funding the construction of fuel power plants.

The memorandums also provide for some projects to develop Caspian oil and gas fields.

Zangeneh also held a meeting with Russian Prime Minister Mikhail Kasyanov during the third Iran-Russia Joint Economic Commission on Thursday.

Following the meeting the Iranian minister said that the talks were held in a friendly atmosphere in which both sides showed interest to expand economic and scientific ties.

The Iranian minister said that he and his Russian side had called for financial and banking support for the agreements they reached during talks.

Zangeneh and Kasyanov had also attached high importance to an upcoming visit to Russia of Iranian President Mohammad Khatami aimed to boost bilateral ties.

Zangeneh, heading the Iranian delegation arrived in Moscow on Tuesday to attend the third Joint Iran-Russia Economic Commission.

In the meantime, in Tehran Secretary of the Russia’s Security Council, Sergei Ivanov, during his visit to Iran discussed matters tied with the upcoming Russo-Iranian summit in Moscow.

President Mohammad Khatami’s visit to Russia is planned for the first half of the year 2001, Ivanov told ITAR-TASS.

According to the secretary of the council, the parties have ascertained that there was not much time left for the Moscow summit.

That is why it is necessary to intensify the Russo-Iranian dialogue, to gain concrete results from the summit, which should promote the development of relations between the two states playing an important role in the region.

In an interview with the Russian ITAR-TASS news agency, Ivanov noted Iran’s constructive approach to the events in Chechnya.

In the course of his meetings there, Ivanov added, he had informed the Iranian side in detail about the Russian view on the events in Chechnya and in the transcaucasian region.

“We know that Iran is also threatened by terrorism, including terrorism emanating from the Northern Caucasus, and we are ready to cooperate with the Iranian side in the effort to combat this evil,” he said.

Iran and Russia adhere to similar stands on many problems, including the situation in Afghanistan, Central Asia, Caspian region, Caucasus, Middle East, and around Iraq, Ivanov noted.

Further in his interview Ivanov called positive his trip to Iran which started on Monday.

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