25 April 2002 – The president of PT Indonesian Power has said an investment of $18.9bn is required in the country’s electricity supply industry if a looming power crisis is to be averted.

Firdaus Akmal said that , excluding privately owned power plants, their exists total installed capacity of 23 000 MW in the country. He said that by 2010 the country would need 48 300 MW requiring an additional 25 300 MW to be brought on stream.

Akmal estimated that investment in the Java Bali system would need to be 413.1bn over the same period and that the cost of preventing a power crisis outside Java and Bali would be $5.8bn.

Earlier this week it emerged that Indonesia’s electricity bill, designed to restructure the industry, will be delayed while parliament considers technical issues

Members of the Parliament have “accepted the spirit of the new law and the creation of a competitive electricity market,” said Yogo Pratomo, an adviser to Minister of Energy and Mineral Resources Purnomo Yusgiantoro.

While the Parliament may have agreed on the main issues underlining the power sector revamp, technical ones need to be resolved before the bill is passed into a law by the end of the year, Pratomo said. “But we hope to get the bill passed by August,” he added.