Indonesian consumers asked to reduce power

25 June 2002 – Indonesia’s state-owned electricity company PLN has asked consumers to reduce power consumption at peak load times to forestall an anticipated power crisis in the middle of next year.

PLN executive Tunggono said unless large users reduce consumption, Java and Bali will have a power supply shortage of 600 MW causing a complete blackout in the middle of 2003. Tunggono made the statement after the signing of an agreement between PLN and PT Kesa Indotama on load control.

Under the agreement Kesa Indotama – one of the largest power consumers with a connection capacity of 57 000 KVA – is to reduce consumption in peak load time between 6.00 to 22.00 p.m. by 14 000 KVA if the Java-Bali interconnection has a problem in supply.

Tunggono said if large consumers comply with the call to reduce consumption, PLN could save power by as much as 600 MW and the blackout could be prevented.

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