BEIJING, Jan. 4, 2001 (PRNewswire) — Huaneng Power International, Inc. (NYSE: HNP; HKSE: 902) (the “Company”) today announced its result of power generation in 2000.

Based on the preliminary statistics, as of December 31, 2000, the company’s total power generation of the year was 44.16 billion kWh, approximately 11.3% more than the planned generation for the year and an increase of 16.7% over the total generation in 1999. The power generation at the Company’s Nantong, Fuzhou, Dandong, Shantou coal-fired and Shanghai Shidongkou Second power plants increased significantly.

The increase in power generation achieved by the Company in the year 2000 was mainly attributable to the following factors:

* The increase in installed capacity of the Company from Nantong Phase II and Fuzhou Phase II;

* The significant increase in power demand and power consumption in the regions where the Company’s power plants are located. Such increase is primarily the results of steady economic growth in China as well as expansion of existing power markets due to the rural and urban power grid upgrading.

* The hot and dry weather during the spring and summer also resulted in the increase of agricultural and residential power consumption.

* While the power demand increased significantly, the steady increase of the generation was made possible because of the improved availability and reliability of the Company’s generating units. The management is satisfied with the above generation results.

The power generation of each of the Company’s operating power plants in 2000 was, respectively, as follows (in billion kWh):

� Dalian I 3.29 Dalian II 3.08

� Nantong I 3.42 Nantong II 2.86

� Fuzhou I 3.51 Fuzhou II 2.93

� Shangan I 4.09 Shangan II 3.32

� Shantou Coal-fired 3.93 Shantou Oil-fired 0.18

� Dandong 3.13 Shanghai 7.38

� Nanjing 3.04

As of December 31, 2000, the Company’s total generating installed capacity was 8700MW. After the acquisition of Shandong Huaneng, the total generating installed capacity owned by the Company has reached to 10813.5MW.

As the largest independent power producer in China, Huaneng Power International, Inc. develops, constructs, operates and owns large thermal power plants in China.

SOURCE: Huaneng Power International, Inc