Harza, AEP contract for Ertan transmission system

Harza Engineering Co. and AEP Energy Services Inc., both US-based firms, agreed to oversee engineering services for a 1,700-mile, 500-kV transmission project for Sichuan Electric Power Administration of China. The Ertan Hydroelectric Station is located on the Yalong river near East Panshihua City in Sichuan Province. The station contains six generating units with a total installed capacity of 3,300 MW.

The Ertan large-scale transmission project will include design and construction of transmission lines, one 500-kV switching station, five 500-kV/200-kV substations, and numerous 230-kV transmission lines and substations and associated systems. When completed in the year 2000, the project will transmit electric power to the Sichuan Electric Power System to meet load demands in the Chengdu and Chongquing areas.