Global microgrid installations pass 2 GW milestone

Navigant research has found that the US and Asia are dominating the global microgrid market, where installations have now passed the 2 GW mark.

54 per cent of Microgrids have been deployed in North America with 41 per cent recorded in Asia.
The firm says that it is tracking 1,681 projects with a combined yield of 16,552.8 MW. There are 126 new projects being proposed. The most noteworthy new microgrids are in Andhra Pradesh, India (100 MW), Imperial Valley, CA (83 MW) and Newcastle, Australia (80 MW).

The release says that 203.4 MW of solar capacity was added to microgrids during the quarter, but diesel remains the leading power source.

In a recent interview Microgrid Institute Director Michael Burr speculated that progress may slow down under the Trump administration in the US.

“Some analysts expect Trump and the Republican Congress will eliminate research and development funding for advanced energy development. I doubt R&D will be cut entirely, but we can expect declining renewable energy support and easing on environmental regulation. That changes the picture a bit, and maybe a lot when it comes to integrating renewable energy into microgrids,” he told MidWest Energy News.

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