German businesses find world market with co-generation sales

German businesses find world market with co-generation sales

Manufacturers and packagers of gas-engine- and gas-turbine-based cogeneration units say the market for these systems has boomed in Germany, and the companies are actively expanding the sales further by supplying the international market.

Because gas-engine and gas-turbine cogeneration systems can have efficiencies up to 90 percent and are able to meet German rules for reducing CO2 emissions economically, utilities, municipalities and industries are interested in utilizing and investing in these types of plants. As a result, the number of installed cogeneration units in Germany is increasing.

During the last few years in the eastern part of Germany, about 100 cogeneration plants, with a total capacity of approximately 160 MW, have been put into commercial operation. The electrical output

per engine varies from 15 kW to more than 5,000 kW. Today the number of cogeneration plants in commercial operation in Germany is approximately 1,700, with a total capacity of about 600 MW. Suppliers of co-generation/combined heat and power systems are working on developing smaller engine modules with larger capacities. Currently modules rangein size from 5.5 kW up to 16 MW.

MAN Dezentrale Energie Systeme (Augsburg) and MWM Diesel und Gastechnik (Mannheim) are the leading German manufacturers of gas engines for cogeneration. The companies also supply gas turbines and are active in the international arena. MAN has offices in Austria, The Netherlands and Spain and recently established subsidiaries in Turkey and Italy. MWM is in the process of establishing a presence in Canada and is actively looking for business opportunities in Asia.

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