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Genset Roundup

Cummins’ SuperSilenced range

Cummins Power Generation has introduced a new range of ‘SuperSilenced’ gensets specifically for the rental market. The new range features prime ratings of 52-511 kVA in six new models.

Development took place after close consultation with major plant rental companies, utilities and event organisers. Each unit has been designed to improve profitability for the owner with a number of built-in features providing easier maintenance, greater reliability and better access to essential areas.

Some of the more general improvements include; double-skin fuel tanks which reduce the number of site visits; quick access to the radiator for grill cleaning – reducing man-hours; tough body work requiring less repair; easy access to connection points for fuel; cable link-up and routine maintenance, all of which contribute towards reducing downtime.

All units are housed in a robust enclosure which meets sound attenuation levels of 70-75 db(A), providing exceptionally quiet operation. The extra thick bodywork reduces drumming and vibration and absorbs more sound through density.

Powered by Cummins water-cooled, 4- or 6-cylinder turbocharged diesel engines driving Cummins-Newage alternators, ratings from the range are in accordance with ISO 8528 and BS5514 for both prime and standby operations.

Dawson-Keith develops 11 kV genset

Most diesel powered gensets in the UK are designed to supply back-up power at 415 V, as per the mains supply. In a recent Ministry of Defence (MoD) contract however, Dawson-Keith was required to connect a genset at the incoming mains supply of 11 000 V.

The critical factor was achieving an effective interface between the genset and the 11 kV switchgear. This allows automatic control of the genset, including short time paralleling with the mains supply, for no-break transfer of the load for test purposes and restoration after a mains failure.

During synchronization, voltage and current signals are sent from the 11 kV switchgear to the control panel. Circuit breaker opening and closing signals are transmitted back as appropriate, and the load is ramped on and off the set during transfer.

New R-R engine

Rolls-Royce recently unveiled the latest addition to its stable of advanced power systems, the 16-cylinder Allen 5016 engine. The new version complements existing models within the Allen 5000 range. According to the manufacturers it is the most powerful medium speed diesel engine of its size available today.

Able to run on both distillate and heavy fuels, the 5016 generates 5000 kWe per cylinder and can achieve fuel consumption of less than 180 g/kWh. Similar to the rest of the 5000 series, the 5016 also has digital fuel injection which monitors combustion to ensure peak operating performance and also enables operators to achieve low emissions in line with international environmental standards.

The 5000 series is available in units from 3-10 MW and incorporates revolutionary technological developments. The range meets market demands by helping independent power producers, public authorities and large industrial customers to generate power reliably and benefit from low capital and through life costs.

Cat emergency power to Margarita Island

Caterpillar has recently been selected to supply 44 MW of emergency power to Margarita Island, Venezuela, from a total of 34 power units. CMS Energy identified that there would be a shortfall in power if the upgrades to the power plant and distribution system coincided with the influx of visitors to the island, on average 300 000 tourists.

Caterpillar, through its world-wide network of dealers, was able to put in place the 34 units with only 30 days notice. The equipment was brought online in two phases during the summer. Cat Rental Power supplied 22 Cat 3516 power modules – each rated to supply 1450 kW of continuous power, and 12 Cat 3512 power modules, each rated at 1010 kW.

Installation of the turnkey power project included equipment transportation, conversion of the power modules to interconnect to the local grid, onsite technical support and an eight month service contract through the local Cat Rental Power dealer.

In a separate development, Waste Management Corp. has use of a total of more than 60 Cat landfill gas generator sets to provide over 48 MW of electricity to utilities in the US.

In Mitchellville, Iowa, Waste Management uses the site to beta test new technologies for use at other installations. With some of the most advanced technology available, the facility has been able to log 99 per cent up-time, including scheduled maintenance of eight Caterpillar G3516 Sita-LE gensets.

Record power for Hong Kong housing project

Wah Seng Construction Co., Hong Kong, is to supply 23 Atlas Copco gensets to generate 3.5 MW for one of the first private housing developments along Hong Kong’s West Kowloon corridor.

Wah Seng Construction is relying on the 3.5 MW prime baseload power for all electrical services during construction. The project represents one of the largest number of Atlas Copco sets on any single construction project in Hong Kong.

The West Kowloon corridor covers a 334 ha reclamation area and will eventually provide housing for 90 000 people. The first phase, Island Harbourview, will comprise nine highrise towers and include 2314 apartments, due for tenancy during 2000.

In total five QAS138s, rated at 100 kW, 125 kVA; two QAS168s, rated at 120 kW, 150 kVA; thirteen QAS228s, rated at 160 kW, 200 kVA, and three QAS338s rated at 240 kW, 300 kVA provide the 3.54 MW, 4425 MVA power.

The Atlas Copco QAS series gensets are housed in a sturdy weatherproof enclosure, mounted on a heavy duty skid base which allows sets to be easily moved around construction sites. The foam lining of the unit’s doors attenuates noise to a level that fully complies with EC regulations.

Outer Island Project – Engines ready to roll

Rolls-Royce has completed preparations for the shipment of engines destined for an Indonesian power project. In a à‚£22m contract from state utility PLN, Rolls-Royce will supply five 5 MW Allen 3000 distillate engines to extend power stations on Indonesian Islands.

Under the scheme, called the Outer Islands Project, engines will be installed on the islands of Bintan, Bangka, Karimun, Sumbawa and Ternate.

The Allen engines, built in Bedford, UK, will supplement existing plant at each site housed in new building extensions supplied by Rolls-Royce in conjunction with its consortium partner PT Silkar National.

Wàƒ¤rtsilàƒ¤ passes test

Wàƒ¤rtsilàƒ¤ NSD’s first 18V28SG lean-burn gas engines installed for the Gothenburg Utility in Sweden recently completed their test period on schedule. Power output is 4255 kW from each of the three units, and total cogeneration plant efficiency is 85 per cent. NOx emissions do not exceed 50 mg/Nm3, CO emissions are 650 mg/Nm3, and non-methane content 150 mg/Nm3. CO emissions are similar to prevailing TA-Luft rules, while NOx emissions correspond to 30 per cent of TA-Luft rules. The installation is part of a turnkey project to develop and supply a 13 MW Pure Energy plant.

Cummins on the move in the Middle East

In two seperate developments Cummins Power Generation, Kent, UK, has secured major genset sales.

In Riyadh, Saudi Arabia, Cummins has recently relocated four 1500 kW generating sets for a new Coca Cola bottling plant.

The newly opened plant relies on the model UDFMB gensets to provide prime power. A CS2000 automatic synchronizing and load sharing system controls the operation.

Each set is powered by a Cummins KTA50GS, 16-cylinder, turbocharged and after- cooled diesel engine. This is coupled to a brushless, 4-pole alternator with an output of 220/380 V (60 Hz).

The sets were originally installed along with a fifth unit at another Coca Cola bottling plant in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia. The relocation involved local Cummins distributor GCC Olayan dismantling the four units and control panel, transporting the components some 900 km across country, and then rebuilding and recommissioning the sets in Riyadh.

The fifth set remains in Jeddah to supply emergency backup power.

In a seperate development in the Sultanate of Oman, Cummins won an order for twenty 1 MW diesel gensets for the Ministry of Electricity and Water (MEW) of Oman.

Primarily, the sets are required to satisfy electrical power demands of the summer months at Sharquiya region.

Cummins supplied, through local agents UES, 20 model CP1400-5 sets. These have been installed in four locations in the northeast of the Sharquiya region.

The gensets are stepped up to 11 kV by step-up transformer and are synchronised with the existing slow speed generator on the 11 kV bus.

The prestigious order was won against tough international competition, with durability of the CP1400-5 being cited as one of the key reasons.

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