Genset Roundup

HK on the right track

Atlas Copco has won an order to supply several generating sets to support the development of Hong Kong’s ambitious West Rail project. The company will supply ten gensets to supply power for site offices and mobile lighting units on the HK$57 billion ($7.3 billion) project.

Hong Kong’s West Rail project involves the construction of a stand-alone 30.5 km-long rail line between Nam Cheong in West Kowloon and Tuen Mun. It aims to tap the growth potential of the western towns of the New Territories. When it opens in 2003, it is expected to carry more than 300 000 passengers per day.

On one section of the rail link, the joint venture contractor company is using three generating sets to supply power to on-site offices and mobile lighting units, allowing work to continue throughout the night. The joint venture is using two QAS228 units and one QAS38 unit. Other Atlas Copco gensets are also in use elsewhere on the rail link.

The QAS228 units are powered by four-cylinder Detroit Diesel engines, and have a rated speed of 1500/1800 r/min at 50/60 Hz and a rating of 200 KVA at 50 Hz. The QAS38 unit is powered by a Yanmar engine and has a rating of 34 KVA (50 Hz).

Flagship power

Supermarket chain J. Sainsbury has placed orders with Broadcrown Ltd. to supply and install generating sets at two new flagship developments in the UK. Two units will be installed at a distribution centre in Stoke-on-Trent, Staffordshire, and three units will be installed at the Hams Hill fulfilment factory at Coleshill, Birmingham.

Two generators have been installed at the Stoke development, while the three units in Coleshill will be used in the refrigeration stores.

“We are delighted that Sainsbury’s has chosen Broadcrown to supply the generator sets,” said Richard Essex, Broadcrown project manager. “Both projects have been managed by a group of experienced engineers to develop the most effective power solution.”

Scanpac standby for critical production

Malaysian electronics manufacturer Grand Alpine Sdn Bhd has chosen a Scanpac standby generating set to ensure continued operation at its Johor manufacturing plant. The generating set, based on a Scania DC12 diesel engine, was designed, manufactured and installed by Scania’s Malaysian dealer, Powermech Engineering.

Grand Alpine, a subsidiary of Wearnes Technology Pte, is a leading company in the production of CD-ROM drives, CD rewritable drives, CD-RW drives, digital cameras, wireless products and internet router modems. Due to the highly competitive nature of this industry, it is essential that production targets are adhered to, and this means no downtime.

The Scanpac had to meet certain load-step requirements and comply with local noise regulations. It consists of a 12 l, six-cylinder in-line turbocharged diesel engine which provides excellent economical single step transient load acceptance without compromising voltage transient performance.

Putting off power cuts

Cummins Power Generation has built a new peaking power plant in Adelaide, Australia, to help meet shortfalls in the city’s electricity supply during the summer months. The project required the installation of a total of 18 generating sets with a load capacity of 20 MW, and was executed by Cummins Power Rent.

The plant became operational in December 2001. Cummins operates and maintains the plant on behalf of its customer, selling power into the national wholesale market. The plant was the first of its kind in the country.

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At the heart of the plant are Cummins KTA50-G8 engines equipped with selective catalysts to reduce ground level NOx emissions to below the national Environment Protection Measures proposed for 2008. The plant is able to ramp up to full power within one minute so that price spikes can be taken advantage of.

Relief for Afghanistan

Generator manufacturer Broadcrown has supplied 26 gensets to help power the relief effort in Afghanistan. The units have been delivered to a variety of locations throughout the country and are being used for several different applications, including standby and base load power delivery.

The generators supplied by Broadcrown are part of the company’s standard product range comprising units ranging in output from 22 kVA to 120 kVA.

The gensets are being used in a variety of applications, including the supply of power to refugee camps and communication centres. The generators are portable, weatherproof and equipped with sound-attenuated canopies.

New order targets Asia market

New Asian genset manufacturer RPG Energy Ltd. has placed an order for 100 Scania engines after appointing Scania Industrial and Marine Engines a key supplier to its business.

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RPG Energy has opted for Scania D9, DC9, DC12 and DC14 engines to power seven genset models with ratings of 200-500 kVA. The sets are available for fully automatic operation, automatic synchronizing and have the option of highly durable soundproof enclosures.

The new company is based at a 3000 m2 manufacturing facility in Jakarta, Indonesia, and aims to cater for the Asia-Pacific Rim markets for standby power for factories and prime power for construction sites.”We see a tremendous potential for Scania-powered generating sets,” said Kho Kim Seng, director of RPG. “The 9, 12 and 14 litre product platforms are excellent engines, with total production volume for all usages of well over 50 000 per year.” The company will work with Scania’s distributor network throughout the Asia-Pacific region for aftersales service and technical assistance.

Power behind the Olympic scene

When millions of sports enthusiasts tuned in to watch their favourite Winter Olympic Games event on television or on location, Aggreko LLC was the ‘behind the scenes’ company responsible for supplying temporary power for mission critical functions like broadcasting, security, timing and results operations, and information technology.

Aggreko, a leading supplier of portable equipment and services for electric power generation, introduced its advanced portable electrical distribution fleet at the 2002 Games. Its generators were airlifted by helicopter to the mountainsides and when the Games were over, its equipment and staff moved off the mountains and on to other events.

Aggreko has a long history of supplying power to major events. The company provides its expertise to numerous sporting and entertainment venues such as the World Cup and the NFL Super Bowl. Following the Games, Aggreko immediately shipped containers of units to Japan for the 2002 World Cup.

“Because most of the 20 Olympic venues will be powered by temporary generation systems, we knew we needed a strong partner in the design, organization and implementation of the event,” said Grant Thomas, senior vice president for Venues and Transportation at the Salt Lake City Organizing Committee. “Aggreko’s design and engineering expertise and proven track record with past Games were critical factors in its selection as the supplier of temporary power generation and distribution services.”

Aggreko was responsible for several areas on-site at the Games:
ࢀ¢Broadcast: Providing standby power for the International Broadcast Centre (IBC). To ensure the highest level of redundant power service, Aggreko’s fully-automated equipment provided immediate secondary power, if necessary, to the IBC for the duration of the games. The company also provided prime power to the multiple media compounds, as well as TV cameras, production trucks and satellite uplinks.

ࢀ¢Security: In light of the terrorist attacks on September 11, security measures were dramatically expanded with increased screening areas. For Aggreko, this meant modifying design plans to increase power generation and distribution requirements. ࢀ¢Timing/Results: Providing games-critical application with secondary power generation for all venues’ timing and results operations. ࢀ¢Information Technology: Providing standby power for the massive resource networks that are linked to all venues via fibre optic feeds.

“Aggreko’s proven track record at the world’s most visible sporting and entertainment events is based on our attention to detail and design, as well as our ability to quickly adapt to last-minute changes,” said Aggreko Vice President Gordon Broussard.

G.A.S. increases turnover by 50 per cent

G.A.S. Energietechnologie designs, builds and operates cogeneration units for use with landfill gas, biogas and coal mine methane. In 2001 the company increased its overall performance by more than 50 per cent to over g30m compared to the previous year. For 2002 a further diversification of activities is planned with continued internationalization.

Biogas and coal mine methane are the business areas where G.A.S. expanded its activities during 2001. More than 30 projects are planned along the area of the rivers Rhine and Ruhr.

Broadcrown wins supply contract

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UK-based generator manufacturer Broadcrown has won a à‚£1m ($1.4m) contract to supply its products for the new Deutsche Bank data centre in Hayes, UK.

Broadcrown Group has developed and supplied three of its BCP2200B generators to provide standby power for the new Deutsche Bank development in Middlesex. Powered by a Perkins 16 cylinder engine, each genset has an output of 2200 kVA. The generators are enclosed within individual acoustic containers which are situated externally at the site. A fourth container houses a free-standing master control panel/switchboard.

The genset has also been installed with a water-type fire suppression system and gas-type fire suppression system for the control panel container to meet health and safety regulations.

Frank Harrison, project manager for Broadcrown said: “The Broadcrown Group was chosen as Deutsche Bank required a system that meets tough technical specifications yet could be delivered within a stringent time frame. Already a well regarded supplier, Deutsche Bank turned to Broadcrown confident that the generator delivered would be on schedule and high quality.”

Ten-litre engine introduced for power generation

Volvo has introduced its TAD1032GE inline six-cylinder, turbo-equipped, charged air cooled diesel engine. Its cylinder volume is 9.6 l producing 296 kW of power. A modern fuel system with efficient combustion provides low consumption and low emissions.

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Compared to its predecessors, the TAD1032GE is equipped with several new features. Electronic speed control comes as standard and provides precision control of the engine. The fuel system is tuned with an in-line pump and six hole injectors which, working at extremely high pressure, in conjunction with the advanced combustion chamber, provide the optimum distribution of fuel in the cylinder to give lower fuel consumption and lower emissions.

From the outset, the engine has been designed to cope with high output demands over extended periods, without compromising reliability or lifetime, including a vibration dampened crankshaft with seven bearings. The cooling system is efficient with a gear-driven water pump, integrated oil cooler and high-capacity oil pump. Intake air is cooled by the air-to-air intercooler principle for the best efficiency.

Aggreko launches GHP2

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Aggreko has announced an innovative generator design, called GHP2, to enhance its market-leading position in providing temporary utilities. GHP2 has been developed with extended service intervals, emission control, theft protection, and a set of custom modules for making it match the specific needs of many different types of customer and application.

GHP2 is the result of 18 months of intense customer consultation and design development at the company’s international research and design centre in Scotland.

Rob Jan Klein Bog, product development manager for Aggreko Europe said: “GHP2 represents something of a quantum leap in rental power. To introduce a new product with any one of these improvements would be considered a challenge, to do all at once is nothing short of a breakthrough.”

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