SPL WorldGroup B.V. (SPL), the provider of customer management solutions to the electricity and water industries, has been selected by JEA, Florida’s largest municipally owned electric power and water utility, to supply their customer management product. Designed and built by SPL and marketed by PeopleSoft, Inc. in to the municipal market, JEA will implement the product to help manage and serve their 340 000 electric and water customers in Jacksonville and parts of three adjacent counties.

Jim Dickenson, executive vice president services at JEA said, “We looked at several criteria during our selection process but the major reasons that we selected the SPL solution were the product’s capability to meet JEA’s short and long term business needs and, provide a financially viable and attractive option that minimized JEA’s risk.”

“JEA is an established leader in the large municipal energy market place and

SPL’s selection against fierce competition is very pleasing,” said CD Hobbs, president and CEO, SPL WorldGroup. “SPL continues to demonstrate an ability to meet the changing business requirements that face public sector energy companies as well as retail and distribution needs in the investor owned market.”

SPL WorldGroup was formed in 1994 to develop and supply customer management solutions to the energy and service related industries in regulated and competitive markets worldwide. SPL employs over 600 professionals in North America, Europe, and Asia Pacific and has delivered its customer management products to more than 50 energy, water and waste management customers worldwide.

JEA, established by the City of Jacksonville in 1895, owns, operates and manages the electric system, water and wastewater system. Compared to other municipally owned electric utilities, JEA is Florida’s largest and the eighth largest in the United States