Floating power plant for Sri Lanka

A 60 MW barge mounted power plant has been ordered by Colombo Power (Private) Ltd, for its new independent power plant at Colombo, Sri Lanka. The plant will be supplied by Mitsui Engineering and Shipbuilding Company (Mitsui) of Japan.

The plant will be equipped with four 12K50MC-S two-stroke low-speed diesel engines designed by MAN B&W Diesel, Denmark. The engines will be built by Mitsui who also built four engines of the same type for the 60 MW plant at Sandaka in Malaysia, commissioned last year.

Colombo Power (Private) Ltd is a joint venture company established and equally owned by Mitsui – one of the most important licensees of MAN B&W Diesel, Denmark – and Kawasho Corporation, one of the major trading companies in Japan.