ExxonMobil adds to cogeneration portfolio in Singapore

ExxonMobil has officially opened its third cogeneration power plant in Singapore on the site of its Jurong oil refinery, increasing its total cogeneration capacity in the city-state by nearly a quarter.

The new 84 MW cogeneration plant – which produces both electricity and steam – will increase the energy efficiency of the refinery, the company said. Together with its two other plants, the site has combined power capacity of 440 MW.
The start of the facility comes ahead of a proposed carbon tax to be introduced from 2019 on direct emitters which will include the three refineries in Singapore, including ExxonMobil’s Jurong site.

Steam production from the facility will allow the company to shut down two older, less efficient boilers and in turn reduce emissions and reduce 265 kilotonnes per year of carbon dioxide emissions – equivalent to taking more than 90,000 cars off the roads of Singapore.

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