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Exxon add CHP to newly expanded Singapore complex

As part of a planned expansion of its petrochemical complex in Singapore, Exxon Mobil is to construct a new cogeneration plant to the facility.

“The plant will have a capacity to generate up to 220 MW of electricity,” an ExxonMobil spokesman told GTP Journal. The new cogeneration plant has been built in addition to an existing 140 MW cogeneration plant.

SingaporeComprising of two gas-turbine generators (GTG), the plant is designed to produce steam and electricity simultaneously to meet the needs of ExxonMobil’s petrochemicals complex in Jurong Island.

“To capture and maximise all opportunities, ExxonMobil Asia Pacific Pte Ltd (EMAPPL) has worked with the necessary authorities to export any excess electricity to the Singapore Power Grid,” the spokesman said.

Dependent on the operational requirements of the plant, there can be times when the cogeneration unit produces more electricity than is required by the site.

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