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Esat Digifone calls for Cummins genset

The Cummins QSK60 generating set will provide standby power for the call operations centre.
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Ireland’s first Cummins Power Generation QSK60-powered genset is providing standby power at Esat Digifone’s latest switch site in Blanchards Town near Dublin. The Cummins QSK60 generating set – which is rated at 2000 kVA, 400 V, 50 Hz – will allow subscribers to the Esat Digifone network to continue making and receiving calls in the event of mains failure.

The genset package comprises a QSK V60 intercooled diesel engine coupled to a low reactance Stamford alternator, which is installed in a soundproofed container outside the main building. The supply is fed directly to the site’s low voltage switchgear.

Digital voltage regulation provides precise control throughout all phases of power loads. Cummins will ensure maximum efficiency from the generating set by providing around the clock maintenance.

The genset package will also include Cummins’ Power-Command control system – a microprocessor-based monitoring, metering and control system. An integrated control and digital display eliminates the need for component devices such as the voltage regulator, governor control and protective relays.

The genset will start-up two seconds after detecting a mains failure and can run at full load after 12 s. An uninterruptible power supply (UPS) system provides power during the start-up period.

Special gensets for zone 2 hazardous areas

Aggreko’s new gensets can be used in zone 2 hazardous areas
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Aggreko has designed a generator set that can be used in zone 2 hazardous areas.

The specially designed generator has several unique features built in. It operates by pulling in air from a ‘safe area’ – this positively pressurizes the container and alleviates the dangers of explosive gas ingress to the container.

An explosive-proof fire and gas panel monitors heat, smoke and gas within the container and will shut the set down on an alarm. The panel can then start the pressurization fan to purge the system prior to the automatic start-up of the engine. All of the pressurized air that is not used in the aspiration to the engine can be ducted back to the safe area.

CBM emissions reduced

Deutz Energy, a subsidiary of Deutz AG, has finalized an order worth an estimated 122.8 million ($20.48 million) from Octagon Energy, an independent energy provider in the UK. The order is for the delivery of 22 energy systems with a total output of 30 MW.

Each of the energy systems is equipped with a 16-cylinder gas engine from the Deutz 620 range and has been placed in one container as a complete system.

The gensets will be operating continuously at Octagon’s plant in the UK where coalbed methane (CBM) and other mine gasses are used to produce power.

The use of CBM as an environmentally friendly fuel in small decentralized systems is an important contribution to reducing greenhouse gas emissions as CBM is 20 times more powerful than carbon dioxide as a greenhouse gas.

The contract also covers operating and maintenance of these systems over a running time of ten years.

New range of Scania gensets

The new SCANPaC range can provide 140 kWe to 400 kWe
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Powermech Sdn. Bhd., the Malaysian distributor for Scania, has developed and recently launched a complex new range of Scania powered gensets for the domestic rental and international export markets.

The new SCANPaC range boasts 15 models commencing with the six cylinder D9-92A which produces 140 kWe, and progressing in 25-50 kWe steps to the largest machine rated at 400 kWe, featuring the DC14-57A eight cylinder prime mover.

The new gensets offer cleanable, re-usable combination cyclone/centrifugal oil cleaners and a reduced capacity oil sump, which makes the gensets cost effective and easy to service.

The new range has discarded the standard base frame diesel tank and replaced it with a higher level removable 8/10 hour capacity unit that allows simple de-sludging, as well as redesigning the engine exhaust systems.

The new SCANPaC all feature a completely enclosed exhaust which is thermally lagged and clad to prevent rusting and disintegration of the exhaust silencer and pipework.

The range also incorporates the Mecc alte Spa revolving field brushless alternator, Scania’s own DEC2 digital electronic control system and control panel complete with MCCB, earth fault protection and AC metering, single point roof level lifting, and double service doors.

Banking gensets reach for the sky

Two Cummins gensets have been installed at a bank in Singapore, ensuring 100 per cent backup power
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Two Cummins QSK60G3 gensets have been installed on the rooftop of a top banking specialist in Singapore, providing 100 per cent computer standby power.

The gensets, which are rated at 1875 kVA, will provide reliable backup power for computer rooms serviced by an extensive number of uninteruptible power systems (UPS), and provide a 100 per cent redundancy backup. Both sets will automatically start on a mains failure, synchronize and supply power to the remote emergency switchboard within 15 s.

The installation includes a Cummins Digital Master Control (DMC) and Power-

Command Control (PCC) modules that start-up, synchronize and close its circuit breaker at the emergency switchboard. The PCC also monitors the engine reaction or protection status, and identifies the status of the five outgoing air circuit breakers (ACB) per set and the two incoming ACBs.

The DMC serves as a master control to determine which set will start and load shed as necessary, as well as monitoring any faults and recording the history of both sets.

Both of the sets and the control panels are housed in acoustically treated enclosures which are silicon-joined together and waterproofed. Another acoustically treated enclosure, which houses the cabling and bus bars, has been placed on top.

The protective housing ensures that the engines meet requirements of 75 dB9(A) at 1 m under free field conditions.

Containerized genset that offers 1000 kVA

The new QAC1000 generating set from Atlas Copco
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Atlas Copco has introduced the QAC1000, a new containerized genset that delivers 900 kVA of prime power and a standby power rating of 1000 kVA. The QAC1000 is a heavy duty unit that can operate at either 50 Hz or 60 Hz, and is driven by a 32-litre (l) turbocharged DCC 16 V-2000 Series engine.

Standard features with this package include a stainless steel silencer, triple fuel pre-filter with water separator and 7.5 kW remote controlled electric motor with fan. An automatic oil make-up system with a 50 l oil tank is available as an option.

The 1500 l, twin-walled fuel tank holds sufficient fuel for 10 hours continuous operation a 75 per cent load. The quick-fit coupling valves allow for connection to an external fuel tank where necessary, and an automatic fuel transfer pump is supplied as standard. The 895 kW engine is controlled by two engine management modules, allowing the fuel consumption to range from 58.4 l/hr at 25 per cent loading to 201.3 l/hr at full load.

A control panel compartment houses the remote start and control module, lighting switches, a fault diagnostic port for the engine management modules, four-pole motorized circuit breaker and adjustable earth leakage relay. From this point, users can check the status of the electrical and mechanical components.

The genset meets all existing emission regulations in 60HZ mode.

HFO genset power for Turkish textiles

The station control desk for the Akteks textile plant in Turkey will be supplied by Regulateurs Europa
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Man B&W Diesel Ltd.’s Mirrlees Blackstone will supply two 16MB430V HFO diesel generating sets to Aksen Enerji Elektrik Uretimi San ve Tic A.S., a Turkish textile manufacture and exporter.

The gensets and associated mechanical and electrical auxiliary equipment will be used at a 20 MW power plant for Aksen’s textile factory in Gaziantep, located in southeast Turkey. The company, a subsidiary of Akteks Akrilik Iplik, is a specialist in the production of acrylic and polypropylene yarns, exporting to Europe and the Middle East.

The power plant will be installed in two phases. Phase one comprises one 10 MW genset together with common station auxiliary equipment for two sets which will be installed to provide power solely for the textile plant.

The second genset will be installed later this year to provide additional power for other manufacturers in the Gaziantep Organized Industrial Zone.

Regulateurs Europa will supply two local engine panels and a Station Control Desk for the Akteks plant. Each local engine panel controls and monitors the engines using remote I/O modules and a PLC. The local engine panels also include a Human Machine Interface (HMI) for alarm and status information.

In addition to the local engine control panels, Regulateurs Europa will supply a power station control desk that controls both manual and automatic synchronising, the alternator protection and power system monitoring. The engine status and alarms are repeated on the station control desk via a HMI via serial communications from local engine panel.