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Equipment Roundup

Anderson Greenwood supplies equipment to Malaysian plant

Anderson Greenwood Instrumentation Products, part of Tyco Valves & Controls, has supplied three sets of equipment for the Manjung power station in Malaysia for each of the power station’s 700 MW coal-fired units.

Anderson Greenwood has supplied monitoring and control equipment to the Manjung station
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Each set of equipment comprises a differential transmitter complete with a five-valve manifold and orifice plate and carrier with six orifice isolation root valves.

The equipment will monitor the flow of boiler feed water from the feed pump to the boiler. They will control the opening and closing of the feed pump leak-off or the recirculation valve. This valve maintains a minimum flow through the boiler feed pump when demand for the boiler feed water falls below a specific level.

New e-business solutions for the nuclear power industry

The new Industry Solution software from Cimage NovaSoft is designed to manage infomation throughout a nuclear plant’s lifecycle.

The software works alongside existing IT investments within a plant to add to its web-based information exchange and industry knowledge, and it enables plant operators to deploy a proven solution quickly and cost effectively.

Industry Solution can reduce costs and increase operational efficiency for nuclear facilities.
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The product uses information management, work flow and collaborative working software, and exploits low cost internet communications and browsers, improving communications internally and across the supply chain.

The software allows planning, engineering and operations personnel to have continuous access to the most current data, to enhance safety and reduce errors. Outage times can be significantly reduced as a result.

PowerCache introduces the new PC1000 ultracapacitor

The new PC1000 ultracapacitor from PowerCache, part of Maxwell Technologies’ Electronic Component Group, is ideal for hybrid electronic vehicles, industrial, UPS and fuel cell applications, or any other application requiring pulsed power, high cycle reliability, and low maintenance.

The unit, a 1200 farad ultracapacitor, supplies power to a system during peak loads and outages. It catches 3750 Joules of energy at a nominal 2.5 V for high-powered discharges ranging from fractions of a second to one minute. It provides roughly ten times the power density of ordinary batteries.

The PC1000 supplies power to systems during peak loads and outages
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The PC1000 is charged from and used in conjunction with a primary power supply – whether that power supply is battery, fuel cell, or generator. It is packaged in a durable, lightweight, hermetically sealed aluminium can. Its terminals are easy to access, and it boasts an electrostatic storage capability that can cycle hundreds of thousands of charges and discharges without performance degradation. The PC1000 is capable of accepting charges at the identical rate of discharges for systems that can benefit from regenerative energy.

Total integration

Several divisions of Siemens have joined forces to help energy end-users realise significant savings in their power use. Following on from the success of ‘Totally Integrated Automation’, Siemens’ Automation and Drives, Building Technologies, Power Transmission and Distribution divisions have launched ‘Totally Integrated Power’ (TIP).

TIP is a method of bringing together the skills, products and expertise of the three divisions to help customers increase the efficiency of their power delivery systems and plants. Siemens believes that cost saving can be as high as 25 per cent.

“By offering industrial users of electricity, and that really means every business on the planet, the opportunity to make significant cost savings in energy consumption, Totally Integrated Power will boost the efficiency of industries,” said Ulli Schliefer, managing director of Siemens Automation and Drives.

TIP consists of a co-ordinated system of products and engineering tools that can optimize power distribution in commercial buildings and infrastructure projects. Siemens customers will now have a single point of supply for everything from an electricity substation through to a low voltage controller on a heating unit.

Waste water contract

Eaton Corp., a manufacture of Cutler-Hammer industrial controls and circuit protection equipment, has announced an order for four F660 Motor Control Centres (MCCs). The MCCs will be installed at the Sheildhall waste water treatments works owned by West of Scotland Water.

The Cutler-Hammer equipment will provide motor starting capabilities for the sludge mixing and pumping facility at the Sheildhall works, which will process, treat and dry up to 65 000 t of dry solids equivalent each year for use as an alternative fuel to coal at Scottish power stations.

The contract forms part of West of Scotland Water’s programme to comply with the European Directive prohibiting the disposal of sewage at sea.

Sheildhall works processes 65 000 t of dry solids equivalent each year for use as an alternative fuel to coal at Scottish power stations
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The four MCCs comprise 80 columns of F660, rated from 600 to 400 A and 25 kA for one second, 50 kA for one and three seconds, and 80 kA for one second.

West of Scotland Water aims to improve waste water treatment for communities in the west of Scotland.

Uniblock eliminates mains disturbances

Piller GmbH, a member of the Tessag Technical Systems and Services Group, is offering the Uniblock system with Touchpanel to UK companies. The Uniblock Premium Power System is a proven, reliable and user-friendly system for eliminating mains disturbances. It offers power generation and electrical isolation between AC lines and loads, which ensures a high degree of supply security as well as high quality power at the load.

The product is designed in modular form for the power range from 150 kVA to 40 MVA. The system bridges short-term interruptions, provides protection against long-term and total power failures, and compensates mains disturbances due to non-linear loads and ensures an ideal voltage waveform for the load.

The Touchpanel on the Uniblock system provides easy to read information
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The Touchpanel includes a clear main-menu and sub-menu which can be called up by touching the corresponding symbols on the display. The current, voltage, frequency and phase can be seen at a glance, and a diagnostic system with a built-in event monitor stores the last 1200 events for rapid and effective servicing of the UPS system.