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Equipment Roundup

Oil mist eliminators from Dollinger

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Dollinger International has introduced its second generation of oil mist eliminators. The system will reduce operating costs for gas and steam turbines, axial and centrifugal compressors and other high speed rotating machinery. The Dollinger Oil Mist eliminators will eliminate 99.7 per cent of all oil particles over 0.3 microns in size, guaranteeing less than 5 ppm by weight of oil mist carry-over in the atmosphere, therefore eliminating the visible plume created by the lubricant systems used in these machines.

The unit also reduces maintenance and equipment failure due to the prevention of ingested oil mist into primary equipment air-intake systems. Dollinger also offers an on-site survey service to determine which model will be most efficient within the plant.

Modular diagnosis system from Burgmann

Burgmann Dichtungswerke GmbH & Co, in Wolfratshausen in Germany, has designed a modular diagnosis system designed to keep seals under permanent surveillance while supplying a continuous flow of seal performance data.

There are three versions of the diagnosis system representing different levels of sophistication. The MDS 1 provides protection from dry running with constant temperature, and takes continuous measurements of the seat temperature. The MDS 2 is able to provide dry running protection under conditions of changing temperatures.The MDS 3 takes continuous measurements and the operating data is collected, interlinked and viewed in relation to each other, and the results are then used to derive time values for the seal’s life.

In all three versions the state of the seal and the pump is indicated by a traffic light signalling system. Green and yellow light for trouble free operation, and red to show imminent danger. Two independent relay outputs are available for remote interrogation and safety cut-out functions.

With the MDS 3, the red light is activated at a residual life of less than 150 hours after which a service relay is triggered.

The modular diagnosis system also offers an automatic cut-out of the pump if there is a malfunction; allows for exact planning of inspections; and allows viewing of detailed information on completed and current operating states.

In-line removable repair valve

Mogas Industries has developed a new in-line repairable metal seated ball valve for high temperature, or high pressure power applications.

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Because the SC-3PC tolerates high levels of heat and shock it can be used in many applications within a power plant, for example: the main steam supply; the main boiler drain; boiler feed pump; hot reheat spray and the main turbine drain valve.

The valve has a three-piece body assembly with two proprietary body seals that allows the valve body to be easily removed for maintenance or repair, while the end connection remains in-line.

The SC-3PC valve has two gold plated body seals made from Inconel 718, a high yield and creep strength material which will reduce the possibility of leakages under stress. Upon assembly into the seal cavity, the seal legs are elastically deformed, resulting in sufficiently high contact stresses, which develop a tight seal on the contact surfaces. The valve also features live loading to ensure zero emissions even in high cycle applications.

Ovation controls in China

Shanghai Westinghouse Control Systems Co., Ltd., has been awarded a contract by Beijing Datang Power Generation Co., Ltd., to provide the control system for the Tuoketuo Power Plant in Inner Mongolia, China.

The new power plant will be built over several years, with two coal fired generating units of 600 MW each being installed within two years. Four more gensets are planned.

The plant will use the Ovation Control and Information System for boiler and turbine control.

The system will use commercially available desktop hardware which can be easily integrated with customers existing IT products and components.