Equipment Roundup

New HP and LP turbine bypass at the Office National d’Electricit

CCI has won a multi-million dollar contract from the Moroccan Office National d’ Electricit

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The original turbine bypass valves vibrated and leaked to the extent where they produced power reductions. The replacements will incorporate CCI’s new SteamJet technology, which combines multi-stage pressure reductions with integral desuperheater-water injection.

The two multi-stage pressure reduction auxiliary steam control DRAG valves will replace double stage valves, which failed due to heavy vibrations when in operation.

New technology from Merlin Gerin

Merlin Gerin has enhanced the range of Genie indoor medium voltage switchgear to include a greater choice of circuit breakers and protection modules which allows for a wider range of applications in its standard panels.

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Genie now offers 65 panel combinations as standard, up from the previous 26 combinations. A new protection, control and monitoring device has also been added. The Sepam 1000+ offers advanced communications and fault recording capabilities coupled with overcurrent and earth fault protection to provide cost effective protection, control and monitoring for less demanding applications.

Five new protection schemes have also been added for embedded generator applications for combined heat and power (CHP) installations, allowing operators to connect the switchboard directly to their local utility’s distribution network.

By using modular design and standard components it has also reduced delivery times of many of these products.

Pump technology by Geho Pumps reduces fly ash problem

The Electrarna Ledvice coal fired power plant (ELE) has installed pump technology supplied by Geho Pumps to reduce fly ash spillage. The plant, which is owned by the Czech Electricity Board (CEZ), originally transported fly ash residue via dump trucks or belt conveyors to a 1 km-long, 200 m-wide disposal area. This method is no longer acceptable due to new Czech legislation.

Geho Pumps slurry experts were asked to design and supply the complete slurry handling system. After several tests they concluded that Geho’s piston diaphragm pumps could reliably transport the highly concentrated ash slurry, a mixture of fly ash, bottom ash, FGD-gypsum and FBC-ash. This involves slurry fed from mixers being harmonized in an agitated retention tank, then diluted to adjust viscosity and density.

The slurry is then transported to the mainline pumping station by charge pumps. Three Geho piston diaphragm pumps transport the ash slurry through two thermally insulated unlined surface pipelines to a disposal site 45 km away.

Interactive control loops and operation procedures are designed to prevent the pipeline plugging.

Integrated software

Thermoflow Inc. has introduced a new software package for combined cycle engineering design, simulation and cost estimation.

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Version 10 of its GT Pro/GT Master software will provide heat balance design and simulation, preliminary engineering, cost estimation and economic evaluation. It will include tools for rapid, automated design and tools for flexible simulations of complex systems.

In previous versions of GT Pro and GT Master, users exported their results into the ‘Peace’ program. Version 10 of the software has expanded and integrated Peace into GT Pro and GT Master.

Lubricant halves costs

Guernsey’s only electricity provider and Mobil Industrial Lubricants have united to halve the servicing cost on five 12.2 MW and 14.5 MW engines.

The power station, owned by Guernsey Electricity, uses five slow speed Sulzer two-stroke cross-head engines. These had to have a major overhaul every 6000 hours. But by using a new lubricant, the frequency of major overhauls has been reduced.

In the past, high sulphur content in the fuel lead to acidic wear of the machinery. New lubricant products were tested in one of the power plant’s nine cylinder engines, enabling Mobil to identify which product was best.

Integrated conditioning monitoring software from Bentley Nevada

Bently Nevada Corporation has released a new conditioning monitoring software package called System 1.

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The conditioning software available until now has required the customer to have several different packages for every different application. This resulted in a very complex system for the customer who typically needed all of the different technology and data collection methods, but did not want several different packages.

System 1 has therefore integrated these applications into a single set of tools, which makes the system more simple, allowing the customer to have a single interface and integrated database.

System 1 is a modular suite based on Microsoft Windows NT operating system with core functions for display, database, configuration, and other common operations. A System Extender, which provides further assistance, is also avalible.

Cogen contract

ABB Energy Information Systems has been awarded a contract by Derwent Cogen-

eration to supply a trading system for a combined heat and power plant in the UK.

The power plant will use ABB’s Genesisplus solution, a suite of modular systems to support generators trading under the UK’s new electricity trading arrangements. It includes EDL, EDT and interfaces to Elexon. The EDL interface to NGC has successfully passed the NGC Type Test.

Singapore upgrade

Procal Analytics will upgrade its emissions analysers at the Tuas incinerator in Singapore.

The existing system, which has been in operation for over four years, will be replaced by nine Pulsi 200LR in-situ multi-component analysers.

The customer selected the in-situ instruments to avoid the need to maintain a complicated, and often unreliable, sample system. The new system will incorporate Procal’s latest continuous emission monitoring analyser, the Procal 5000. The instrument is a full spectrum UV instrument.

Fast, accurate location of persistent faults

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Bicotest has introduced the new Vixxon S3000 SP to locate persistent faults on low voltage networks. Such faults usually result in replacement fuses which rupture quickly after insertion. The new Vixxon S3000 SP works in conjunction with a re-closer, which enables ‘pre-location’ of persistent faults.

The Vixxon S3000 SP is a PC-based software package. Waveforms are recorded along the cables while unenergized using the S300 SP Data Acquisition Unit (DAU). The prefault information is stored while the cable is re-energized. The DAU then records waveforms during the voltage collapse or current surge when the fault occurs. The information is downloaded onto computer, where the Vixxon X300 SP software allows the data to be analysed and the location of the fault determined.

The Vixxon X300 SP software is compatible with windows 95, 98 and NT. It can record up to eight waveforms before it re-energizes, and a further eight thereafter.

New insulator uses TPE

GLP Hi-Tech Power Products Inc. has developed a new dead-end composite insulator using halogen-free, flame retardant thermoplastic elastomer (TPE). The insulator, used to isolate electrical current on power distribution towers, uses Dytron XL TPE.

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Dytron XL TPE has outstanding electrical properties, including tracking resistance; ozone resistance; hydrophobicity and self cleaning properties; flexibility over a wide temperature range and excellent fluid/chemical resistance.

The patented electrical insulator system uses material compressed between a 19 mm diameter fibreglass rod, an injection overmolding of Dytron XL TPE and manually affixed, forged steel fittings.

The insulator is available in four sizes, ranging in length from 332 mm to 575 mm. The units are also lightweight, weighing only 0.8 to 1.2 kg. The insulator passed the FVO, flammability test, and the tracking wheel test, which examines the insulators performance in pollution and salt spray air conditions.

ComEd towers complete

Graycor has recently completed a $3.4 million installation of two 183 m-long cooling tower foundations and two pump intake structures for Marley Cooling Tower at ComEd’s Dresden plant, Illinois, USA. Construction began in December 1999 and reached completion in May 2000.

Graycor’s project has provided the foundation for equipment that will improve plant efficiency by reducing the temperature of water in the cooling pond.

The project is Graycor’s first with Marley Cooling Tower, although it has a three decade relationship with ComEd. Recent projects include the installation of a cooling tower at Dresden Nuclear station.

Alimak launches new industrial lift range

Alimak, manufacturer of Rack and Pinion driven lifts, hoists and mast climbing work platforms, has launched a new range of industrial lifts: the Alimak GP and GPL Goods and Passenger Lifts.The lifts are designed for permanent installation in industrial locations, outdoors or indoors, and with or without a lift shaft.

With a capacity of up to 2400 kg, the GP model is a heavy duty lift for carrying several passengers or heavy bulky loads. It caters for most transport requirements in industrial environments.

The GPL is adapted for lifting palletized goods to mezzanine levels in new or existing buildings. To minimise the headroom requirement above the top landing, the drive unit is mounted between the car and the mast, making GPL ideal for installation in existing buildings as there is no need to provide a lift support shaft.

Additional benefits include a fully collective, micro-processor based control system with fault diagnostics, an overload sensing system and accurate floor levelling at landings. Both models are compliant with international codes and regulations including the European Lift Directive.

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