Solar birthday celebrations

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Siemens Solar GmbH, a joint venture between Siemens AG and Bayernwerk AG, has commissioned a unique solar facade on its company building in Munich-Freimann to celebrate ten years of cooperation in solar energy development.

The facade consists of 86 state-of-the-art solar modules and feeds the power generated – more than 7 kWe at peak times – directly into the grid. The Munich area receives around 1700 hours of sunshine annually.

Siemens and Bayernwerk have jointly implemented more than 900 innovative projects using solar technology, and through Siemens Solar, have supplied more than 150 MW of solar cells. Siemens Solar project include the 1 MW solar roof on the New Munich Trade Fair Centre.

Pinnacle Order

The Arizona Public Service Company and Pinnacle West Energy have awarded Dresser-Rand a contract for a 45 MW steam turbine generator set. The unit will be installed at the Pinnacle West Energy combined cycle plant in Phoenix, Arizona, USA.

The steam turbine generator set will be delivered in October 2000 and plant start-up is scheduled for June 2001. Dresser-Rand, which has manufactured and shipped over 2000 MW of steam turbine power capacity since 1957, will provide on-site training, installation and start-up services for the project.

Protection monitoring for small hydro

Alstom Power has selected Vibro-Meter to provide versatile single channel machinery protection monitors for hydropower machinery to be installed at projects in India and Australia. Vibro-Meter will supply type CE 680 accelerometers with a total of 43 channels of protection.

Alstom Power is supplying installations at Sengulam and Pallivasal in India, and at Burrinjuck in Australia. The protection monitoring equipment will provide early indication of incipient failure indicated by increasing vibration levels during operation, and is flexible and easy to install, according to Vibro-Meter.

In addition to the accelerometers, Vibro-Meter will supply cabling and VMU 100 VibroSmart monitors. The CE 680 shear-mode accelerometer is double-shielded and so can be used in high magnetic fields, and has a high sensitivity of 100 mV/g. This allows it to provide reliable data at very low frequencies with no special cable requirements.

The VMU 100 VibroSmart monitor has a rugged IP65 industrial enclosure with a LED display of vibration velocity levels and monitor status. It can be easily reprogrammed for range, high/low alarm and trip levels, frequency range and delay/hysteresis settings.

Surge arrester prevents overvoltage damage

ABB Control has introduced a new surge arrester to provide protection against the massive, transient overvoltages that are believed to be responsible for over 30 per cent of all damage to electronic equipment. The arrester is designed to integrate with ABB’s Smissline power distribution system.

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The SA4 SC surge arrester is designed to protect low-voltage consumer installations and equipment against overvoltages. Fitted as part of the Smissline system, it offers protection against overvoltages of up to 1.5 kV and nominal discharge current surges of up to 15 kA.

Overvoltages have a variety of causes such as remote lightning strikes, an electrostatic discharge or switching surges in power networks. Although they typically last less than a few microseconds, they can reach peaks of several thousand volts, and this can have a devastating effect on electronic equipment.

Continuous greenhouse emissions monitoring

Servomex has launched a new continuous emissions analyzer, the Xentra 4900C, which is capable of monitoring emissions of key greenhouse gases carbon dioxide (CO2), methane (CH4) and nitrous oxide (N2O). The Xentra 4900C can continuously monitor gases in a flue gas stream with just one 48 cm 3U rack-mounted instrument.

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The Xentra 4900C also monitors carbon monoxide (CO) and oxygen (O2), and under some circumstances can measure four different gases simultaneously within the one analyzer. New enhanced NAMUR-compliant diagnostics and fault messaging enable a host computer to acquire measurement data via the Xentra 4900C’s enhanced RS232 output, and to acquire diagnostic and control data. The host computer can control the calibration of the transducers remotely using external calibration valves.

With totally new software, the unit comes with auto calibration as standard which can be configured for each measurement independently. This, according to Servomex, is a major advance in continuous monitoring as it is possible to calibrate the transducer monitoring of one of the gases for which the analyzer is configured, while the others continue to operate normally.

Greenfield merchant water contract

Ionics Inc. has announced that it has received a $20 million contract to supply and install an integrated water and wastewater treatment system for a 1000 MW greenfield merchant power plant under construction in California, USA.

Ionics’ water treatment system will minimize water consumption, produce high quality water for recycling to the power plant and will also provide for a ‘zero liquid discharge’ facility. It will process up to 32 million litres per day of raw water and treat 3.6 million litres per day of cooling tower discharge.

While traditional clarification and filtration processes will be used to produce cooling tower makeup water, Ionics

Sequoyah steam generator replacement

The Tennessee Valley Authority (TVA) has awarded Bechtel a contract to replace the steam generators at Unit 1 of the Sequoyah Nuclear Power Plant. Under a lump sum EPC contract, Bechtel will remove the existing Model 51 Westinghouse steam generators in one piece through the containment dome, replacing them with units designed by ABB-CENP and fabricated in Korea by Hanjung.

The replacement is scheduled for March 2003. Detailed engineering planning is currently underway for the project. This approach of removing the generators through an opening made in the containment dome has only been used once before.

Sequoyah, near Chattanooga, is an 1183 MWe plant that is owned and operated by TVA.

Data transfer along power lines

Siemens’ Power Transmission and Distribution group has developed a new technique for data transfer along medium and low voltage networks with its Distribution Line Communications Systems DCS 3000. The new system allows for precise load control, automation of distribution networks and remote meter reading, with data transfer at a rate of tens of kilobits per second.

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The system works with a special multi-frequency process that allows reliable transfer even on lines subject to interference. There is a choice of either inductive or capacitive coupling. The DCS 3000 operates in the approved frequency band of 9 to 95 kHz.

The DCS 3000 Distribution Line Communications System allows the transmitting of data over medium and low voltage networks, and is based on a special frequency-division multiplexing process which enables secure transmission even on lines that suffer from interference.

Coal-fired power plants back in business

Control technology from ABB is helping to reduce the environmental impact of a Welsh coal-fired power station recently recommissioned. The Fifoots Point plant near Newport uses an ABB Advant OCS, comprising some 5000 I/O, to provide boiler control, burner management and environmental systems to control the flue gas desulphurization (FGD) plant.

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Built in 1962, the station was taken out of service in 1995, but is now being refurbished with modern technology by its new owner, American company AES, the world’s largest global power company.

ABB has refurbished the boilers and installed the new Low NOx burners and the FGD system. The burner management system controls and monitors the burners and coal mill sequencing, and acts as a safety system to prevent explosions. The system comprises six controllers, two on each of the three units; one for automatic boiler control and one for the burner management system.

NGC awards contract

A multi-million pound contract to construct a 400 kV substation at Northfleet East, Kent, UK, has been awarded to VA Tech Reyrolle. The company was awarded this major turnkey contract by the UK’s National Grid Company.

The contract involves the project management, design, manufacture, site installation and commissioning of eleven bays of VA Tech Reyrolle’s 400 kV gas insulated switchgear, four 240 MVA transformers from associated companies within the VA Tech group, together with the associated control and protection systems.

The project represents a major investment to strengthen the grid supply to the local electricity company in Kent as a result of increasing electricity loads in that region, with final commissioning slated for October 2001.