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Electric Power Development Co to be known as J-POWER

16 May 2002 – “J-POWER” has replaced EPDC as the official communication name for Japan’s Electric Power Development Co., Ltd.

To reflect recent and projected organizational and structural changes, Japan’s largest wholesaler of electric power has decided to symbolize its transformation into a private company with a new name and logo. (The company’s legal corporate name, Electric Power Development Co., Ltd., will remain unchanged.)

The logo combines an arc representing a part of the Earth’s contour and the name J-POWER as a graphic expression of the company’s technological and global importance.

According to the company’s statement, J-POWER reflects the Electric Power Development Company’s resolve to open new business activities abroad as well as to symbolize the company’s dedication to helping people throughout the world solve problems in energy and environmental areas.

For over fifty years, the Electric Power Development Company has provided power to Japanese utilities. The new name and logo will be used on all communications materials, including advertising, effective April 1, 2002.