Diesel dates

Diesel dates

Dear Sir,

Please refer to Power Engineering International of October 1998, page 11, where you talk of the first IPP for Bangladesh. In it you mention that the completion period will be very early and the project shall be completed on a fast track.

This information is quite misleading as the undersigned was in Bangladesh in September 1998 when this power plant was inaugurated. In this respect for your information I am enclosing herewith newspaper cuttings which will give you complete details of this power plant. Please publish it in your issue of November or December 1998.

Hassan Javed

Technical director

Potential Engineers (PVT) Ltd

44/1 Sector “Z” Phase III

Lahore Cantt. Cooperative Housing Society

Lahore Cantt/Pakistan.

Thanks for your letter. First of all let us state that the main thrust of that story was the announcement that the project had secured IFC funding. There was a brief reference that the project would be completed within months. At the time of writing at which time Wärtsilä told PEI the project would be operational “soon”. All we can say is that the project was inaugurated sooner than expected. We cannot publish the clippings, but thanks for the update.

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