Denmark joins global Smart Grid group

Denmark has joined the Global Smart Grid Federation, an international group of technology associations.

The Scandinavian country will be represented by the Danish Intelligent Energy Alliance, an initiative set up by the Danish Energy Association (DEA).

Morten Baadsgaard Trolle, managing director of intelligent energy at the DEA, described the Smart Grid as “a clash between energy and information technologies”.

“It will be a major task to fuse energy with advancing technologies in order to ensure the effective conversion to an intelligent energy system,” he added. “The key to success is international co-operation. In joining the GSGF we have taken the first steps on the path to create a common language for Smart Grid that everyone can understand and act upon.”

Denmark is the 11th member of the GSGF, which includes organisations representing the European Union, India, Israel, Japan, Korea, the US, Australia, Canada, the UK and Ireland.

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