Cyclone Power Technologies says its licensee, Great Wall Alternative Power Systems, is gearing up to start production of Cyclone Engine prototypes for the Chinese market.

Great Wall’s main focus is on the Cyclone WHE-25 for use with biomass-to-power generator systems, which will include distributed combined heat and power applications, and power sources for bio-char based environmental remediation (i.e. water and soil) equipment.

Subsequent development will include Cyclone’s Mark V and larger engines.

Great Wall says the first demand driver will be government-financed projects focused on cleaning up water and soil pollution in rural China.

The company says it sees a massive market developing for distributed power in China’s rural areas and that it plans to deliver a viable biomass-based solution that combines distributed power and environmentally beneficial byproducts.

The Cyclone Engine is a Rankine Cycle heat regenerative external combustion engine, otherwise known as a ‘Schoell Cycle’ engine. It creates mechanical energy by heating and cooling water in a closed-loop, piston-based engine system.

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