Coastal group opens Wuxi City power site

The Coastal Corp. and its independent power production subsidiaries, Coastal Power Co. and Coastal Wuxi Power Ltd., formally opened their new 40-MW power plant in the industrial center of Wuxi City in China. Wuxi Huada Gas Turbine Electric Power Co. will be operator of the plant.

Two Chinese partners share ownership in the project–China National Aero-Engine Corp. (CAREC), a subsidiary of China`s Ministry of Aviation Industry, and the Wuxi New Energy Investment Co., which is jointly owned by two local government entities.

The venture will operate a simple-cycle, diesel-fired LM 6000 combustion turbine peaking plant. Owners are considering a second phase of construction to double the Wuxi plant`s output. The plant will cost (US)$26 million, with Coastal Wuxi holding 60 percent, and CAREC and New Energy each holding 20 percent.

Coastal Power recently announced another joint venture to build and operate another power plant in China, a 58-MW plant to be located in Suzhou, China, about 30 miles southeast of Wuxi City. The Suzhou plant is expected to reach completion in July