China sets tariff for Three Gorges power

11 November 2002 – The price of electricity delivered from the Three Gorges hydropower project to the national grid has been set at 0.25 yuan ($0.03) KWh, the official Xinhua news agency reports.

Citing Li Yong’an, deputy general manager of the China Yangtze River Three Gorges Project Development Corp., the report said the price is “competitive” and would be attractive to consumers.

The report said the average price of electricity in Shanghai is CNY0.38 per KWh and CNY0.35 in eastern China as a whole, higher than the national average of CNY0.29.

Much of the electricity generated by the Three Gorges project, located in central Hubei province, will be transmitted to the Shanghai area.

Four of the project’s 26 planned generating units will begin operating in 2003, producing a total of 5.5bn KWh a year, the report said. All 26 units will be running by 2009, generating over 100bn KWh of electricity.

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