A Chinese Energy Official has said that power shortages will continue in parts of China in the winter, particularly in the southern and central regions where most of the country’s hydropower stations are located.

The volume of water available for hydropower generation has fallen 30-40 per cent from a year earlier. Hydropower accounts for 16 per cent of China’s total electricity consumption, according to the State Electricity Regulatory Commission.

Rainfall is expected to be limited in the autumn, affecting hydropower output, said Hao Weiping, vice-director of the Electricity Department of the National Energy Administration.

Meanwhile, power shortages will also occur in some coal-producing regions, where on-grid prices for coal-fired electricity are not sufficient to cover the power generation costs of power plants, he said.

China’s thermal power firms have been in the red in recent years, as the government has not permitted power companies to raise electricity prices in line with rising coal costs.

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