Bowman Power Systems works with Japanese firms to establish Bowman Japan Co.

SOUTHAMPTON, United Kingdom, Sept. 18, 2000 à‚– Bowman Power Systems Ltd. (BPS), developer of microturbine co-generation systems, is currently working with three of Japan’s largest companies to establish a joint venture company — Bowman Japan Co. (BJC).

BJC will be owned and operated by Mitsui Co., Kubota, NTT-Facilities and Bowman Power Systems Ltd. The joint venture company will develop, market and distribute Bowman’s combined heat and power (CHP) systems within the Japanese market.

“We are focused on being a significant player in the emerging distributed generation market in Japan by understanding and meeting the needs of the end users, and we are delighted to be working with such strong and committed partners,” said Tony Davies, Bowman Power Systems chief executive.

BPS is developing two gas microturbine CHP systems, a 50 kW unit and an 80 kW unit, that will be introduced by the end of this year. Both models will meet Japanese regulatory requirements, known industry wide as some of the strictest requirements in the world. In addition, BPS will introduce a 200 kW class system into Japan by end of 2001.

With a robust offering of 50 kW, 80 kW and 200 kW class CHP systems, BJC will serve a wide range of applications and customer needs in the burgeoning Japanese co-generation market. Along with the natural gas-fueled systems, BPS is planning to introduce future systems that are fueled by propane and kerosene.

According to the preliminary agreement, NTT-Facilities, Mitsui and Kubota will be responsible for marketing, maintenance, 24-hour surveillance and monitoring of the Bowman CHP systems. The three companies will also develop products specific to the Japanese market, provide financial services for customers, supply fuels, and offer other value-added and distribution services. By combining the special skills and resources of each company, the joint venture companies believe they can more successfully and quickly introduce BPS products to the Japanese market.

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