Asian air pollution market expects solid growth to 2000

The air pollution market in Asia is growing faster than on any other continent, according to the McIlvaine Co., which has been compiling reports on air pollution equipment purchases. China, Hong Kong, Singapore, South Korea and Taiwan have greatly increased purchases and are expected to be ordering systems at a rate exceeding (US)$2 billion per year by the year 2000. Largest growth is expected in the purchase of gas treatment equipment, which will account for more than (US)$1 billion by the year 2000.

China should remain the largest purchaser of electrostatic precipitators, as that country`s market grows to more than (US)$1 billion in air pollution equipment by the year 2000. Flue gas desulfurization systems will be the largest component of the market in Taiwan and Korea. South Korea is seen as the second largest market, with a potential for (US)$400 million by the year 2000.