Ambient’s PLT Inc. and Sumitomo Electric Industries Ltd. to Test Power Line Telecommunication Technology

NEW YORKà‚–Ambient Corp.’s 90 percent owned subsidiary, PLT Solutions Inc. (PLT Inc.) and Sumitomo Electric Industries Ltd. (SEI), Japan’s largest manufacturer of electric wire and cable, announced the signing of a Letter of Intent (LOI) for a controlled pilot program in Japan of cutting-edge Power Line Telecommunication (PLT) technology developed by PLT Inc. PLT Inc. and Sumitomo are planning to jointly present the technology to Japanese power utility companies. The parties are in the process of structuring the pilot program.

PLT technology is designed to facilitate Internet high-speed data transfer by way of existing electric power lines. The same electrical wiring that carries electrical power to individual homes and business can also transmit high-speed data. PLT Inc. has developed proprietary technologies which overcome existing infrastructure limitations precluding the use of electrical power lines for high speed data transfer, making PLT economically viable as the prime broadband channel for homes and offices.

Sumitomo Electric Industries and Ambient Corp. have agreed to work together to study the feasibility of applying PLT Inc.’s technology to the Japanese PLT market.

“Sumitomo Electric Industries is optimally positioned to deploy our technology in Japan and provide a real life environment to demonstrate its extensive benefits,” said Ambient Corp.’s chairman Michael Braunold.

Full deployment of PLT Inc.’s technology in Japan will depend on the results of the pilot program and is subject to the resolution of various deregulation issues governing the Japanese utility companies.

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