Ambient Corp. demonstrates its Powerline Telecommunications Technology in Japan

NEW YORK, Jan. 11, 2001 /PRNewswire/ — Shortly after announcing the successful first Alpha phase joint testing and demonstration of its Powerline Telecommunications Technology (PLT) with Consolidated Edison Company of New York Inc. (NYSE: ED – news), one of the nation’s largest investor-owned utility companies, Ambient Corporation (OTC Bulletin Board: ABTG – news) the world leader in Powerline Telecommunications Technology (PLT), announced today the successful completion of joint testing with Sumitomo Electric Industries, Ltd. (SEI), Japan’s largest manufacturer of electric wire and cable.

The tests were conducted in Osaka, Japan on December 5-6, 2000 in the presence of Sumitomo officials. Representatives of a major Japanese utility were present at a second testing site on December 6, also in Osaka.

Distances over 180 meters were recorded for connectivity and up to 120 meters for services such as Internet, Streaming Video and Video Conferencing. All this was conducted over standard electrical powerlines.

These distances represent a significant increase over previous testing and demonstrations, which had been successfully carried out in New York with Consolidated Edison, and in several other locations in the United States. In fact the distances were increased over 7 times the previous for services and 10 times over the previous for connectivity. The Osaka demonstrations were the first to be carried out in Japan using a range of services.

These demonstrations were point to point with no network added as yet. Further Alpha testings and demonstrations are expected in multiple locations with added distances, line interference, and additional services to be added. It is anticipated that Alpha testing will continue for the next 2-4 months, with fully networked Beta testing on a multi-point basis expected by Summer 2001.

Both energized and de-energized lines were used in the testing. RF radiation levels were found to be well within acceptable limits. Technology used, included that provided by one of Ambient’s preferred technology partners DS2, among other technology that was used.

In speaking of the test results, Mark Isaacson CEO of Ambient Corp. stated, “The successful tests with Consolidated Edison in New York and Sumitomo in Japan send a clear and emphatic message. Specifically, Ambient’s Powerline Telecommunications Technology (PLT) is not some utopian concept in development. PLT is here, it is ready to roll, and those who don’t climb on the express train risk missing a very fast moving train.”

Ambient Corp. has developed and owns innovative technology that facilitates the transfer of Internet and high-speed data through ordinary electric powerlines. The same electric wiring that is ordinarily used to transmit electrical power to individual homes and businesses can also be used to transmit high-speed data.

Ambient’s Powerline Telecommunications Technology (PLT) is designed to enable Utilities and Power companies to partner with Ambient in creating baskets of utility and consumer services. These utility services are expected to include such features as load switching/balancing, demand management, alarm monitoring, outage reporting, and automatic meter reading (AMR). Consumer services may feature Internet, telephony, video-on-demand, content, and smart appliances. Both baskets of services will be achieved using Ambient’s Powerline Telecommunications Technology (PLT) across electrical powerlines.

Mark Isaacson CEO further stated, “As we have been saying, the Utility and Power companies are our natural partners in this revolutionary and disruptive technology. We welcome requests by utilities for information on the specific applicability of Ambient’s Powerline Telecommunications Technology (PLT) to their individual utility — Utilities and Power companies are natural partners for Ambient.”

About Ambient Corporation:

Ambient Corporation (OTC Bulletin Board: ABTG – news) is a publicly traded company incorporated in the United States that operates technology companies in both the US and Israel, focusing on Powerline Telecommunication (PLT), telephony-related product offerings, Internet and E-Commerce for a variety of exciting new consumer applications, plus a basket of utility related services.

About Sumitomo Electric Industries, Ltd:

Sumitomo Electric Industries, Ltd. (SEI), with headquarters in Tokyo and Osaka, is Japan’s largest manufacturer of electric wire and cable. With annual revenues in 2000 in excess of Yen 1,309 Billion (US$12.3 billion), SEI has positioned itself as a key player in the global information revolution, taking place today. SEI is traded on the Tokyo exchange (#5802)

SOURCE: Ambient Corporation

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