Alfa Laval floats its way into the Philippine market

Alfa Laval Power has supplied fuel-conditioning equipment to several power barge projects in the Philippines. Power barges are experiencing a growth in popularity in the region, helping to transform the economy of the country and changing the lifestyle of local populations.

To meet the ever-increasing demand for power and satisfy the needs of local and foreign investors in the country, the Philippine government has developed a strategy of encouraging private enterprise within electric power generation. Now that private contractors are permitted to build, operate, own and make a reasonable profit from generating facilities, companies are increasingly developing business projects there.

One such company, the East Asia Power Corp., has commissioned and installed two power barges, moored in Manila Bay, that now supply power to the Luzon Grid. The engines are protected from contamination by Alfa Laval`s ALCAP separators.

The barges were built in Singapore by Van Der Horst, Hong Kong Ltd. The engines run on heavy fuel oil supplied from a storage barge moored alongside. It is vital that the engines receive clean fuel at the correct viscosity and temperature. To further complicate matters, oil quality is not consistent. Variations in oil quality can cause difficulties for ordinary separation systems, requiring them to be supervised and maintained constantly if they are to perform effectively. The ALCAP system, however, cleans and conditions the oil automatically, without supervision, resulting in a reliable system for local industries