Aggreko assists in Texas Christmas event

Aggreko is using its temperature control and temporary power generation equipment to facilitate the Moody Gardens’ ICE LAND: A Caribbean Christmas event, taking place in Galveston, Texas.

The event is set to run from November 12, 2016, through January 8, 2017 in one of the country’s warmest climates. The seasonal event features an award-winning team of master ice carvers from Harbin, China, that transform two million tonnes of ice into an underwater journey including a towering oil rig ice slide, sunken treasure, and schools of tropical fish, eagle rays, turtles, dolphins, hammerhead sharks and more.
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Maintaining a temperature below freezing is critical to the success of the attraction, and it’s particularly challenging in southeast Texas where temperatures can reach nearly 90 degrees Fahrenheit during October, when most of the ice carving took place.

Rental Pulse reports that Aggreko’s Event Services Division worked with Moody Gardens and designed a custom application engineered to support the ice show and cool more than 25,000 sq. ft. of tented event space to below freezing temperatures.

“Aggreko works closely with customers like Moody Gardens to overcome unique challenges and provide a level of engineering expertise and innovation that results in increased revenue and savings for their business,” said Mel Parker, managing director, Aggreko North America.

The company’s technical experts will monitor the installation via Aggreko’s proprietary Remote Monitoring (ARM) service ࢀ” a real-time monitoring and diagnostic tool ࢀ” to ensure everything runs at peak efficiency.

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