ABB eyes Chernobyl solutions

ABB eyes Chernobyl solutions

The government of the Ukraine has entered into an agreement with a multi-national consortium led by ABB to develop a project to replace the production capacities of the Chernobyl nuclear power plants with alternative, non-nuclear sources of electric power. The consortium includes several international companies from Europe, the United States and Japan, including CMS, Kawasaki, Skanska, Mannesmann Anlagenbau and Danish Power.

Several Ukrainian companies will participate in the consortium, and much of the manufacturing and engineering will take place in the Ukraine. ABB recently signed a technology transfer agreement with Turboatom Kharkov, Ukraine, to maximize local input. A gas-fired plant is seen as the best solution. Gas STETGas is the highest efficiency non-nuclear power source, and it offers low emissions. A combined-cycle plant could be ready to provide power in less than three years.

“This advantage, which also brings faster pay-back times and shorter-term financing needs, is particularly attractive for Ukraine, where the closing of Chernobyl requires a replacement plant as early as possible to overcome the present power shortage in the country,” said an ABB spokesman.

A gas-fired facility would also provide jobs for most of the 6,000 employees in the region close to the Chernobyl plant.

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