ABB and Hitachi respond to Japan’s digitization needs

ABB and Hitachi have announced a collaboration to advance Japan’s electricity balancing market system, allowing for market transactions in an increasingly digital environment.

To achieve more efficient and reliable operations, Hitachi has ordered the ABB Ability Network Manager Market Management System (MMS), a software solution for the electricity balancing market system.

The MMS consists of a set of advanced applications that support a wide range of market-related functions and modern IT infrastructure.

The system will be adapted to the specific requirements of the Japanese electricity balancing market, which TEPCO Power Grid and Chubu Electric Power Company are developing on behalf of the countrywide Transmission System Operators.

Utilities will use the MMS to enable efficient procurement of balancing capacity and energy. In addition to improving market efficiency, this system will also contribute to stable and reliable power supply.

“Hitachi and ABB will through the deployment of ABB Ability Network Manager MMS, enable efficient and reliable operation of the electricity balancing market,” said Massimo Danieli, head of ABB’s grid automation business line in the company’s Power Grids business.

“The strong partnership between the two companies will support the advancement of Japan’s electric power system and its digitalization journey to build a stronger, smarter and greener grid.”

ABB’s MMS has been successful in both Europe and North America’s electricity balancing markets. It is a proven solution that ensures efficient and sustainable operation of the system while maintaining the reliability of the electric power system.

The collaboration between Hitachi and ABB is an extension of the original partnership agreement concluded in December 2017.

Building upon this existing relationship, Hitachi and ABB are committed to respond to the need for digitization within the Japanese electric power system. In this partnership, the two companies bring their strength together to support utilities and energy companies in Japan.

It’s a combination of Hitachi’s technology and know-how that has been accumulated by providing a variety of electric power equipment and systems in Japan and ABB’s proven software technology.

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