A natural death for Dabhol?

Dear Mr. Isles,

In your editorial of the February 2001 issue of PEi, you conclude “…unless everyone gives a little and realises they have a common problem, they will all be left arguing in the dark.” (“Time to share the pain”, PEi February 2001, Vol 9 Issue 2, p3).

Perhaps Enron will take note of this little piece of common sense, not withstanding contracts drawn up by over-paid lawyers. On page 9 of the same issue, in “Enron under fire in India”, Enron says that it will be a disaster if phase two of the Dabhol project were suspended. This may be true for Enron, but not for India or Maharashtra. I hope the lenders pull out and the project dies a natural death. It has been an embarrassment since the beginning of IPP projects in India.

Yours sincerely,
V. G Shenoi
Power Eng

Perhaps Enron has already seen sense and is willing to cut its losses: readers may be interested in the recent developments surrounding this project outlined on page 11 of this issue (“Enron threatens MSEB on Dabhol”). Regular updates are also provided on our website, www.power-eng-intl.com.

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In the article “A model of success” (PEi March 2001, Vol. 9 Issue 3,

p39-41), the Chief Executive Officer of Utilyx, Chris Bowden, was incorrectly referred to as Chris King.

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