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A changing of the guard at PEI

A changing of the guard at PEI

Douglas J. Smith,

Managing Editor

When PennWell Publishing Co. launched Power Engineering International (PEI) magazine together with POWER-GEN Europe and POWER-GEN Asia in 1993, the aim was to provide our readers and exhibitors access to the worldwide electric power market. With the success of Power Engineering International, and the worldwide POWER-GEN conferences and exhibits, PennWell Publishing is now a leading resource for the supply of information on technology and market trends for the global electric power industry.

Globalization of the electric power industry has caused us to change the way we do business. When I covered the North American industry for our sister publication, Power Engineering, my traveling was mainly within the United States with an occasional trip to Europe. Today, my travels take me to the four corners of the globe. Since becoming managing editor of Power Engineering International, I have visited China, Japan, Korea, SE Asia, India, Australia, East and West Europe, Mexico and Central and South America. Each year I travel more than 100,000 miles in covering the worldwide electric power industry.

Although the traveling has been tiring at times it has given me the opportunity to meet many of the leaders and policy makers that are now shaping the global electric power market. In addition, many long-term friendships have been made in China, Korea and other areas of Asia.

Because of the growth of the global electric power market we have made the decision to publish Power Engineering International 10 times in 1998 and transfer its publishing to Europe. As this will require a full-time managing editor to be based in Europe, I will be handing over Power Engineering International to a new managing editor, Junior Isles. Starting with the January/February 1998 issue, this magazine will be published out of England.

With the hand-over of Power Engineering International to Junior, I will be assuming a larger role in PennWell Publishing`s Global New Ventures Group. This group is responsible for developing new events, publications and other products around the world. In this new venture I will continue to meet many of you, our readers, in my travels.

Although I am giving up the day-to-day management of Power Engineering International, I will still be involved with the international electric power market and at times will be contributing articles to the magazine.

Please join me in welcoming Junior Isles to Power Engineering International, and let us all give him our support in his new assignment. I encourage you, our readers, to contact Junior with any comments or suggestions you may have for improving Power Engineering International. Junior can be reached at PennWell Publishing Co., The Business Centre, Gorray House, Great Cambridge Road, Enfield, Middlesex, EN1 3RN, England. Telephone +181 367 0008, fax +181 367 8004.

In closing this my last Opinion column as managing editor, I wish to thank all of our readers who have submitted articles and who have supported me over the last few years.

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