World Bank approves $150m for Kenya off-grid solar

The World Bank this week approved $150m to fund off-grid solar systems in northeastern Kenya.

The International Development Association credit is planned to provide power for an estimated 1.3 million people across 14 counties in Kenya’s northern and northeastern regions.

According to the Bank, the project will aim to provide solar-based energy services to households, schools, hospitals, businesses and community centres through public-private partnerships that include “practical business models that attract private sector investment”.

The project will include a technical assistance component that will facilitate a consumer education campaign as well as a capacity building programme.

Charles Keter, Kenya’s cabinet secretary for energy and petroleum, said: “The uniqueness of this project, which entails collaboration of public and private sector, embedded operation and maintenance, as well as the innovative financing of the solar home system component, will be the hallmark of success in accelerating off-grid electrification, which has been hard to achieve.

“The Ministry appreciates this project which will go a long way in contributing to the achievement of one of the government‘s objectives of attaining universal access to electrification by 2020.”


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