6 April 2010 – The “Karadeniz Powership Dogan Bey” vessel, the world’s first floating power plant built by Turkey’s Karadeniz Holding, has been launched on the Black Sea at Istanbul.
Turkish Energy & Natural Resources Minister Taner Yildiz and Iraqi Electricity Minister Karim Wahid al-Hasan attended the ceremony held to mark the first journey of the 144 MW ‘powership’ that will provide electricity for Iraq. Speaking at the ceremony, Yildiz pointed to the projects developed in Iraq and said, “This ship will be the trigger of peace in the region, not wars.”
Yildiz said he hoped the powership would contribute to the improvement of prosperity of the Iraqi people, as well as the normalization process in the country.
Dogan Karadeniz, member of the executive board of the Karadeniz Holding, said they had been carrying out several other projects in Asia, Africa and the Middle Eastern countries.
“Currently, we have four ships with a total energy capacity of 675 MW. Their value is more than $500m. Three of them were built in Istanbul’s Tuzla Shipyard while the fourth one was built in Singapore. We are planning to build three more ships with a capacity of 450 MW,” he said.
MAN Diesel, the German-based manufacturer of large-bore diesel engines supplied up to a total of 24 engines, together with electromechanical equipment needed for the ‘powership’. The EUR100m ($134m) contract included 21 18V51/60DF dual-fuel engines and three type 14V48/60 HFO engines, with a total output of 400 MW.
The “Power of Friendship Project” developed and carried out by the Karadeniz Energy Group aims at meeting electricity requirement of countries with energy ships.
Under the project, more than ten countries in the Middle East, northern Africa and southern Asia will be provided with 2010 MW of electricity with ten different ships by the end of 2010.