Rural electrification in Angola

Atlas Copco has supplied, through its local distributor Blackwood Hodge (Angola) Ltd, seven generating sets for a remote rural electrification scheme in Angola. In addition to supplying the sets, Blackwood Hodge was also responsible for the installation of the necessary infrastructure such as power lines and reserve fuel tanks.

The new sets will provide electricity for remote villages in Angola. Four Atlas Copco QAS generating sets rated at 250 kVA and 300 kVA were initially installed. The remaining QIX units, each rated between 256 kVA and 550 kVA, were installed following the end of the rainy season in villages which can only be accessed via rough bush tracks. The units operate in parallel with a control module which routes the supply according to demand.

A multi-set installation was preferred for this application to ensure that a supply could be maintained when sets are taken out of service for maintenance or a major overhaul in the remote location. As part of the electrification contract with the Provisional Government of Angola, Blackwood Hodge will also maintain the installed systems.

Atlas Copco and its local distributor have also supplied several hundred generating sets to Angolan customers for industrial applications, schools, hotels, banks, embassies and governmental institutions.

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