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On-site heat and power for Madagascar mining project

The QIT Madagascar Minerals (QMM) ilmenite mineral sands project at Fort Dauphin in south-east Madagascar is to benefit from a new 20 MWe on-site power plant to be supplied and commissioned by Finland's Wärtsilä Corporation.

Action on climate change is urgent; support for low-carbon technology should...

Climate change is the greatest market failure the world has seen. All countries will be affected, but the poorest will suffer earliest and most. And, while the effects of climate change could cost the equivalent of 20% of GDP per year or more, the cost of action to avoid the worst impacts can be limited to around 1% of global GDP each year. But we have to move fast.

Cogen for Africa: a project to promote new capacity in several...

While cogeneration has for the last 40 years been a reality in a number of agro-industries in Africa, most of the cogeneration plants are inefficient - operating with low-pressure boilers generating low volumes of power - and have very limited sales to the grid.

British CHP plant exported to Africa

- the first of three electricity generation projects

DE inches forward

- global share climbs to 7.2% with improved prospects

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Rural electrification in Angola

Atlas Copco has supplied, through its local distributor Blackwood Hodge (Angola) Ltd, seven generating sets for a remote rural electrification scheme in Angola.

Bagasse-fuelled cogeneration in Kenya

Kenya could generate 10% of its electricity needs from cogeneration plants fuelled with bagasse from sugar cane.

US CHP five years on from Kyoto

Policies and programmes update

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