Further Alstom corruption charges possible
Further Alstom corruption charges possible

In the latest development in a six-year, multi-country corruption investigation involving Alstom’s subsidiaries, prosecutors in the UK are set to look into further possible offenses.

Britain’s Serious Fraud Office (SFO) announced this week that, although charges have not yet been filed, its investigation could broaden to include allegations of bribery in Hungary. The office has already charged several of Alstom’s subsidiaries with disguising bribes as consultant fees in exchange for high-value contracts in India, Poland, Tunisia and Lithuania.

The two subsidiaries charged in the UK, Alstom Network UK (charged in September 2014) and Alstom Power Ltd (charged in December), reportedly aim to have the charges against them dismissed on technical grounds. If this strategy proves unsuccessful, a trial is set to go ahead beginning in May 2016.

In the US, France’s Alstom SA pled guilty in December to violating the US Foreign Corrupt Practices Act by paying bribes to win power plant contracts in Indonesia, Egypt, Saudi Arabia, the Bahamas and Taiwan. The firm agreed to pay a fine of $772.3m.

Alstom, along with Siemens, is also under investigation in Brazil for alleged price-fixing.