Egypt steps in to provide fuel for Gaza power plant

The Egyptian government has sent a shipment of diesel to help fuel the only power plant in Gaza, after a dispute between the enclave and the Palestinian Authority saw the latter reduce supply.

Gaza power plant

The power supply to the Hamas-administered territory was cut by almost a third after the Palestinian Authority claimed that Hamas is not paying its share of the cost.

It meant just three hours of power per day for Gaza‘s two million residents.

The one-million-litreà‚ shipment on Wednesday could be followed by another delivery of the same amount later on Thursday, the Hamas-appointed deputy finance minister in Gaza, Youssef al Kayali,said.

The delivery was the first official import of Egyptian diesel to Gaza since Hamas took over the enclave in 2007.

Gaza’s power plant has been offline for two months due to the dispute and officials have warned that health services could collapse if the matter continues.

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