Atlas Copco installs modular plant in Amazon rain forest

Atlas Copco has provided a modular power plant to Iquitos City, the largest metropolis in theà‚ Peruvianà‚ Amazon.

Iquitos City is considered an island and is not connected to Peru’s national grid. Situated in the heart of the Amazon rainforest, the city needs itsà‚ own power gridà‚ to supply energy to its growing population.

The Atlas Copco plant comprisesà‚ four QAC1250 generatorsà‚ and has been integrated with the city’s current energy system. The plant was installed in less than two days and the integration only required the installation of two portable transformers to raise the QAC1250 output voltage from 400 V to the distribution voltage at an adjacent thermal power plant of 10.5 kV.

The QAC1250 generators feature a new cooling concept that uses an electric fan, controlled by a variable speed drive, to create precisely as much cooling as is necessary.

Ventilation is achieved using a system of radiators and ventilators housed in a special compartment designed by Atlas Copco.

The generator used in Iquitos’ modular power plant features the Cummins motor and Leroy Somer alternator, and the Atlas Copco Qc4003 controller. This controller can synchronise up to 32 generators in parallel.

Atlas Copco has previously installed its QAC1250 in regions with the most stringent climatic demands such as the Amazon rainforest of French Guiana, the deserts of Algeria and the cold steppes of Siberia.


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