Aggreko has launched a mobile, modular power package for utility support and off-grid locations, using heavy fuel oil (HFO) as its primary fuel source.

The company’s Medium Speed HFO (MSHFO) power package brings its trademark containerised, scalable power online quickly, while lowering the overall cost of energy.

With more than 50 years’ experience providing diesel and gas fuelled mobile, modular power, HFO was the natural extension that the company’s experts at its Dumbarton research and development facility have been working on for a number of years.
Aggreko container
Aggreko recently installed a 28 MW site in Madagascar to provide 25 MW of power using its 1.8 MW MSHFO generators, developed in partnership with German engine manufacturer, MAN Diesel and Turbo.

Aggreko’s manufacturing experts developed a ‘Ship Light’ solution that spreads the weight of the 76 tonne engines, cooling and alternator systems across three standard 40ft containers, which means they are transported using standard shipping methods. This saves time and money and minimises heavy load restrictions on road transport networks.

The final configuration of generator comprises two of the 40ft containers and all the components are assembled onsite by Aggreko’s teams of highly trained and specialised MSHFO Installation and Commissioning technicians.

The generators have undergone thousands of hours of rigorous testing in extreme situations around the world.

“We know that nothing happens without power – no lights for children to read by, no power for life-saving hospital equipment or for factories to manufacture products,” said Aggreko’s Group Business Development Director, Dan Ibbetson. “Reliable power enables communities to grow and thrive and we are proud to bring that power – uninterrupted, reliable and cost effective power, generated using available resources.”

“It’s about flexibility,” said Mr Ibbetson. “In off-grid locations, or where the grid is unstable, MSHFO can provide reliable and cost-effective power. It provides power where there would otherwise be none.”

Aggreko’s MSHFO generators can save up to 34 per cent in energy generation costs compared to diesel plants. And by renting, customers avoid capital expenditure, save time getting their plant up and running and benefit from flexible, reliable power that can be ramped up or down according to need.

The Glasgow-based firm has worked closely with MAN to develop a MSHFO engine specifically tailored for its mobile and modular business model.

“The new MSHFO package offers instant, flexible and reliable power supply right when and right where it is needed”, says Wayne Jones, Chief Sales Officer at MAN Diesel and Turbo. “Aggreko’s plants can be a tremendous help – even lifesaving – wherever a permanent energy infrastructure is not available or has been damaged e.g. due to extreme weather conditions. We are very proud to be a part of this project and look forward to a long lasting partnership. With more than 26 GW in engines for power generation installed across the globe, our machines are world-renowned for their reliability, built to last and used to withstanding even the most rugged ambient conditions.”

Aggreko’s MSHFO package can be configured in multiple configurations, to provide the broadest range of power output, tailored to customers’ individual power demands. The company also undertakes the fuel management for its MSHFO customers, including specialist fuel testing, and uses a multi-tank system that ensures the optimal fuel quality.