Global coal capacity is booming thanks to China and Japan

Japan and China are becoming the drivers of new coal-fired capacity worldwide, even as the U.S. and Europe continue their move away from the power generation resource.

Offshore wind set to reach 200 GW by 2030 says report

The sector is expected to see strong growth throughout the next decades, not only in existing ‘mature’ markets, but equally in emerging ones.

Europe’s utilities to remain resilient despite effects of COVID-19 says S&P

The credit quality of European utilities is likely to be more resilient to the effects of COVID-19 than many other sectors, says S&P Global.

Five ways COVID-19 could derail renewables

Just when renewable generation appeared ready to take-off, the coronavirus hit.

2021 Nominations Open: The Global Power & Energy Elites 2021

The Global Power & Energy Elites is industry’s moment to celebrate those at the forefront of innovation and an opportunity to position your brand amongst inspiring leaders and projects.

Mining sector using gravity to revolutionize energy storage

Scottish energy storage specialist Gravitricity is in the process of identifying suitable mine shafts for their first Africa-based gravity energy storage project.

Siemens announces major leadership reshuffle in parent AG and Energy spinoff

Siemens has recently announced some dramatic changes to the top of its corporate structure due to take place within the next year.

Living in unprecedented times means it’s not business as usual!

Power Engineering International has various solutions and channels designed to support your business continuity strategy, no matter what.

Oil price won’t impact renewable strategies says IRENA Director-General

IRENA Director-General Francesco La Camera noted that the oil market volatility is unlikely to have a significant impact on renewable energy plans and investments

Why small scale hydro is becoming big business

This year’s theme for World Water Day on 22 March is “Water and Climate Change”, exploring how the resource and the global...

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