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The future of asset performance management requires a foundation in today’s reality

Asset Performance Management (APM) solutions often focus on the technical details of data collection, processing, and presentation. While these are important considerations, the APM solution in the era of big data should not be primarily a big data analytics solution. Instead, it should be a strategic tool for efficient collaboration. As one analysis puts it: “. . . the case studies show that organizational aspects of project prioritization and long range planning processes are every bit as important, if not more so, than the analysis techniques employed.” When individuals act together, they add context to data and automatically incorporate uncertainty and risk in decision making processes. Through this interaction, they reach organizational alignment on asset decisions, they learn from their peers, and they improve.

This need for a collaborative process is consistently identified as a fundamental challenge to improving asset management. This paper will look in more detail at the context of and requirements for APM processes as this field evolves and incorporates the advancements of big data.

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Pamela Largue
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