The Cargologà‚® Impact Recorder System

The Cargologà‚® Impact Recorder is a wireless data logger with built-in sensors. The Impact Recorder is affixed directly onto the cargo to record potential incidents that could damage the goods. It monitors the goods throughout the entire logistics chain and provides documented data on the measurement results.

In its early stage, the system was used as a pure measurement system for recording temperature, humidity and shocks/impacts/vibration. Today it has evolved into an advanced registration tool with the possibility of supervising transport with the integrated GPS positioning and GSM/GPRS alarm.

The system is designed to  provide information about the events and prevailing climate during transport and handling of materials. It performs independent measurements during a long or short period of time. The measurements can also be adapted to specific requests, allowing the system to be universally usable with a multichannel measurement system and in many areas of application.

White paper sponsored by Mobitron.

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