Bridging IT and OT for the Connected Asset Lifecycle Management Era

More assets, more sensors, more data and more analysis are bringing asset-intensive industries into a new era of asset management, one of unprecedented connection and information. But how do utility companies take advantage of these new opportunities? How can they best integrate their asset management efforts while building stronger visibility across the enterprise? Now more than ever, utilities must be able to bring together disparate technologies and systems to better understand their increasingly complex asset base. They must also share insights from their assets across the organization. A key component of addressing these needs is to build stronger connections between information technology (IT) and operational technology (OT) ” at both the technology and organizational levels. To better understand the progress being made in the utility industry, ABB, Microsoft and Zpryme reached out to 221 utility executives to learn more about their IT-OT approaches to the next generation of asset management.

White paper sponsored by ABB.

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