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Webcast Recording: The Twin Challenge

To become future-ready, the fight on the twin battlefronts – Customer Experience and Service Delivery, deserves close attention. As customer expectations evolve, the role of digital self-service platforms-powered by new-age technologies such as AI, ML, IoT, gain more prominence.

These digital interventions have been tested to serve customers in a personalised manner, give them more choice and control, while optimising costs and eliminating inefficiencies for the energy and water providers. Not to forget the strengthened utility-customer relationship, which becomes crucial in a world of the experience economy.

Even to build business resilience and minimise service disruptions, energy retailers, and water providers need to adopt digital and create an integrated customer-workforce experience. So, the thumb rule is- Connected Customer and Workforce go hand-in-hand.

Join us for a digital experience where we bring together customers, partners and industry leaders to share insights on how the industry can deliver connected customer and workforce experiences.

The topics include:
ࢀ¢ The changing customer landscape and how to meet growing expectations with digital self-service platforms
ࢀ¢ Addressing industry challenges and outlining the digital roadmap for energy retailors and water providers
ࢀ¢ Exploring what the connected customer and workforce journey look like and its value
ࢀ¢ Use cases for digital self-service platforms and new age technologies within the energy and water ecosystem
ࢀ¢ Lessons from Industry leaders, their digital story and roadmap

Meet the Panel:
Andrew Davis, General Manager Strategy and Commercial, Electricity Distribution | Jemena
Sabiene Heindl, Director | The Energy Charter
Darren Brady, Chief Customer Officer | Smart Energy Water
Tracy Deveugle-Frink, Head of Change and Innovation | Western Power